Similimum is of limited use.

By Dr Vijay Shah 08-Aug-2019

Homeopathy is based on the natural principle of Similia Similibus Curantur which means ‘like to be treated by likes’. This has been suggested by different people in different parts of the world at different points of time. This is similar to what Ayurveda says -“zahar se zahar ko maarna” (Hindi), which means ‘poison to be treated by poison’.

Similimum is of limited use. Real Power of cure lies with Anti-Miasmatic medicines. “Multi-Similimum” method of repertorization or “Integrated Similimum”, a well-principled improvisation in modern homeopathic practice, is the most effective and rational way of attaining “total cure” of the patient. It is an enirely new concept, evolving as a logical outcome of the scientific understanding of homeopathy, similia similibus curantur, potentization, life, disease and cure, as proposed in my article on DIALECTICAL HOMEOPATHY.

It clearly perceives “what is to be cured in diseases”, “what is curative in medicines”, and how to adapt, the “curative” to the “to be cured”. In order to determine the choice of the “most appropriate remedy”, it solely relies up on “totality of symptoms”, with due considerations given to any “exciting or maintaining cause”, “a miasm”, and “accessory circumstances”.