Homeopathy: Successful anti virus software for children!

By Dr. Mitali Dongre 20-Aug-2019

CASE IN POINT: Allergic ColdAdenoiditis

At MissionToCure (M2C) clinic, we receive a lot of toddlers as patients who are yet to speak a word or two with anxious parents wondering what is it that their child is suffering from. In the previous month, we were heartbroken to receive a 2-year-old boy suffering from Allergic cold with enlarged Adenoids*.


Symptoms recorded were nasal cold, running nose, 24x7 nose block, snoring, noisy cough and he was unable to sleep at night (few nights in a row at times) for a period of 1 and half years!

It is particularly tricky to cure illnesses in children at such a young age as doctors are unable to get inputs from the patient who is still learning the language.


The boy had been suffering from the said condition since birth. Left with no choice, the parents had to resort to antibiotics reluctantly to give some relief to their kid. This wasn’t a permanent solution but the child had serious problems having sleeplessness and had developed a loss of appetite while taking antibiotics periodically and other allergy relieving allopathic medicines.


At M2C, we explained that cold and cough were not the cause of the suffering. The cause was a very weak immunity of the child which needed to be boosted by the application of homeopathic medicines. They had high expectations from homeopathy as they were told by their friends and relatives that it has no side effects and offers a permanent cure for the disease. Scientific approach and pin-pointed analysis under the guidance of Dr. Vijay Shah helped us achieve considerable success within a month!

The parents were overjoyed to see their child responding to medicine in such a short span of time.

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It is a common myth that homeopathic treatment aggravates the existing suffering and symptoms of the disease before achieving a permanent cure. The parents had the same misconception for which we explained that it was not the case. Another common misconception in such cases is that if the mother is sick, the child gets the same disease from the mother. In our case, the mother had a severe episode of cold and cough with nose block during pregnancy (before the child was born) and was instantly blamed for the child’s suffering.


ADENOIDITIS is an inflammation of the adenoids caused by infection. Adenoids are masses of lymphatic tissue that help the body fight infection.

*Adenoids are found in the throat, also called the pharynx, just behind the nose. Along with the tonsils, adenoids are the first line of defence against bacteria and viruses.

Source: M2C team and archives