Eczema: A permanent solution

By Dr Vijay Shah, Dr. Khyati Mehta 20-Aug-2019


Mid-50s is when you are knocking at the door of retirement and people look for time to travel to new destinations, indulge in hobbies and plan for a relaxed future. A severe skin ailment, that being Eczema, at this juncture is a real dampener and can derail your financial and future planning.

SYMPTOMS: Severe Itching, Scaling, bleeding

We received a patient displaying symptoms of scattered large lesions of eczema all over body with severe itching and scaling. On account of intense itching of skin, it would result in bleeding and burning of lesions post itching.

PATIENT’S EFFORTS: Allopathic medicines, ointments

Our patient was suffering from skin problems since last 7 years. He had been using allopathic oral medication and ointments to get relief but it did not prove very effective. He had tried almost all available other options and finally approached Dr. Vijay Shah’s Mission To Cure clinic. He had very little hope from homeopathy as high doses of allopathic medications and other modes had also not helped him much.


Firstly, it is important to understand that the eczema is the outcome of internal disease and a disturbed immunity which emerges in the form of skin diseases. We explained that that Eczema (disease) itself is not the cause of suffering of the patient but an outcome/symptom. This is why, the local application (Ointments/Antiseptics and creams) and local remedies did not prove effective to cure the disease.


Within 4 weeks, his constant itching was brought under control. Further, the lesions were shrinking in size with no inflammation at all! Our patient was very happy and satisfied with the process of cure. All his previous going on medications and local application were stopped. He was asked to take only Homoeopathic Medicine and has now developed trust in the homeopathic mode of treatment.


It is a myth that If allopathic medicines of high power are not successful, homeopathy will not be successful as well. This is not necessarily true and, in umpteen number of cases, we have experienced as well as observed that complete cure is possible by homeopathy even where other treatments haven’t achieved success to the desired level.


Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough. Here immune system becomes activated unusually (dysregulated) where white cells of blood produces skin patches. To confirm this, blood test known as ‘Serum IgE’ which usually turns out high to strongly positive. 


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