review1-compressor I had never thought of recovering from my crippling disease of severe neuralgic pain and wasting of muscles of palm and Right hand which happened after herpes, since November 2015. But, I recovered completely from pain and wasting of muscles, just within 1 month of homeopathic treatment at mission to cure. It's a miraculous experience. Thanks to Dr Vijay shah and his team,Where Homeopathy is at the best!! – Rohini Ajmera

review1-compressor “The experience with this clinic is awesome. I would recommend this to everyone out there.” – Seema Rathod

review1-compressor “I had sleepless nights and not able to concentrate in my studies and attend my regular college because of my severe allergic skin itching all over body since Oct 2016. Lastly after going through many Consultants and their treatment which could not even relieve my complaints, I started Homeopathic treatment at mission to cure. Within 1 month not just severe itch but my skin disease also had been controlled without any local application which is unbelievable!!” – Nisarg Desai

review1-compressor I was suffering from right knee osteoarthritis. I tried many things but not much help. Then as a last resort when one of my patients suggested Dr Vijay Shah 's name to try homeopathy I started taking treatment from him and now I am having great relief. I suggest my patients also to take his treatment. – Dr Sarvaiya A.R.

review1-compressor Dr. Vijay Shah is One of the best Homeopathic Doctors in India. His understanding to the nature of your problems is fabulous. Has profound knowledge of Homeopathic Treatments. We believe in Homeopathic only because of Him. – Sujata Pangam

review1-compressor I am a proud member of the clinic. A mother to a 2 years old toddler,i had to continuously worry about his cough and cold. I probably had given him close to 150 ml of antibiotics and umpteen doses of third generation anti histamines for his allergy and other issues. That's when a friend suggested me to visit Dr.Vijay Shah. It has been close to 4-5 months( 15 days up and down) and am so very grateful to the entire team specially tejal mam and vijay kid was not only treated for his (never ending)allergy/cold/cough but also for eczema:which everyone in the world thinks is a skin dryness issue but truly is an allergy disorder in kids.(thnx to the doc that i came to know the truth) Manvir is still getting his fifteen days doses but i can see immense difference in his health now. I strongly recommend the clinic to one and all.. Thank you Team - Review as submitted by Mrs. Himani Sata on our facebook page – Himani Sata

review1-compressor We have been seeing many Pediatricians in Bombay and outside Bombay but nobody was able to solve my son’s problem. At the age of 2, my son was taking antibiotics since he was 6 mnths which were harmful for his body, but then we were referred to Dr. Vijay Shah in Borivali. His approach and method of treatment has been so successful on my son, even though it's a work in progress, he has become a lot fitter and healthier. We are extremely grateful and with these results have moved my daughter under his care too. – Zarna Shah

review1-compressor Hi, my wife had developed very large swelling in right breast post delivery of our baby. This swelling started a week after delivery and went on increasing resulting in lower milk flow and at a point it became so severe that baby stopped sucking milk from it. We showed to allopathic doctors (gynaec) who recommended to take out the milk manually and foment with hot water. Over a week, the swelling decreased by 60-70%. We continued with above process for next 2-3 weeks but swelling didn't go. The pain continued in the 4th week along with mild fever and very heaviness in the breast. The breast also had swelling bulged near nipple, looking at which gynaec referred to Surgeon. The surgeon on looking at the external swollen part recommend that surgery would be required to get the abscess formed in the breast. This was very shock to us We didn't want to remove this surgically as the healing would take very long time and it would make permanent scar and damage to my wife's breast. We also understood that general anaesthesia would be applied and surgery would be for 2-3 hours. Post surgery, difficult precautions would be extremely challenging to take. Someone suggested us to try homeopathy wizard Dr. Vijay Shah at Borivali operating through Mission to cure clinic. We got in touch with the clinic and they were very very cooperative in fixing the appointment with Dr. Vijay Bhai Shah. Mission to cure is state of the art clinic with very very organized and professional set up. We met with Dr. Vijay Shah and post diagnosis, he gave us surety that there is absolutely no need to go for any kind of surgery and entire problem will be treated with only homeopathic medicine. It's been 2 weeks and now the entire abscess is gone, baby is taking regular feed from right breast and there is absolutely no pain. Inside Swelling has reduced by another 30%. We are sure, it's just a matter of weeks where even the internal reduced swelling will also be vanished. I thank Dr. Vijay Shah and Junior Dr. Ms. Mitali who have ensured best of the treatment along with timely follow-up and personal connect. I recommend that people with such issues of mastitis no matter how severe it is, Dr. Vijay Shah from Mission to cure is the go-to doc. anytime. Thank you so much to the entire team. – Amit Kumar

review1-compressor I live in Sydney, Australia and have been suffering from skin problems like pimples, itchiyness, black dark spot and dryness of skin on my face, back,and more on my hands (diagnosed as LICHEN PLANUS) an incurable skin disease that was going on since last 16 years. And another disease I have been suffering from is PCOD due to which there has been certain hormonal changes which also affects my skin. Third concern was joint Pain since 3 years. I saw couple of Dermatologist for my skin problem which has cost me lot of money. They usually put me on pill and write a prescription for the expensive creams to put on face and hands. After taking pill and putting cream regular interval of time I get better but after stopping pill my symptoms comes back again with each time i go through the treatment by different dematologist. So, at last I thought of homeopathy medicine when i went to Mumbai, India, which, I understand, is safe to take and no side effects and has curative mode of treatment. I have been a patient of Dr. Vijay Shah at Mission To Cure clinic, since last 4 months and I can see the difference in my skin, face,hands and back. I have recovered from my skin problem almost 60 percent which out any local application and cream. My Cycles are regular and joint pain is also much better. Thanks to Dr. Vijay Shah and Dr. Nupur who has been looking after me so well. I would definitely recommend homeopathy medicine those who are suffering from such diseases that has a simple solution of the complex diseases. Please keep up your good work for community – Mixa Patel

review1-compressor I was suffering from the skin disease called Lichen planus (So called Incurable skin disease!!), as I was explained by skin specialist whom I had consulted, even then I started with allopathic medicine for at least some relief but could not get satisfactory results. One Homoeopathic Doctor had referred me to Mission to cure clinic and institute of DR Vijay Shah. I started to see benefit and later complete relief from my severe itching and skin lesions. This happened just within one week of starting the Homeopathic medications by DR Vijay Shah and now I am completely off all medicines after taking regular homeopathic treatment for 3 yrs. – Alka Mittal

review1-compressor Mother's view- My daughter Hetvi shah, 11 yrs old, was suffering from severe pain at Lt ankle after sprain injury due to ligament tear as I was explained by all doctors since 2 yrs!! This was surprise to me as a parent that injury cannot get healed in child for 2 long years!! She was unable to even walk properly & could not do her Child activities like cycling, playing etc. and she was even unable to attend her school regularly. Lastly we consulted Dr Vijay Shah, who on very first visit diagnosed the problem of long standing pain in ankle and told us that she has persistent pain due to other generalized disease of Rheumatism "an immune system related disease condition". After starting Homoeopathic mode of treatment my daughter started gradually recovering in pain and now can even walk properly, and can do all her child activities normally. We are hoping complete recovery of her pain in the coming few weeks. – Hetvi Shah

review1-compressor I am staying at Abu Road, had severe headaches, vision and hearing problems. I could not move out of home without support. Doctors had diagnosed as Tolosa Hunt Syndrome (unheard to me and my medical attendant) very rare neurological disease!! I was even hospitalized for the same & used to consume around 32 allopathic tablets per day. I was referred to Dr.Vijay Shah by my married daughters family, who was under treatment Mission to Cure Homoeopathic Institute for last 25 years. I had a very good experience with this mode of treatment. After around 3 yrs. of treatment, my vision is normal, my hearing is better. I do not suffer from any headaches now. Now I can travel alone from my home to market (7kms). Homeopathy has changed my life – Ramanathan Krishnan

review1-compressor Holistic Treatment by Dr. Vijay Shah This is my first hand experience and feedback on accurate diagnosis and care extended by Dr. Vijay Shah. Over close to 3 years he steered me away from health complications to a much better state. He focuses on root cause than treating peripheral symptoms.” – Yogesh Naik