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Homeopathy: The answer to Coronavirus?

Corona Virus/ COVID-19
By Dr Vijay Shah 06-May-2020

Homeopathy as a remedy and preventive medicine for Coronavirus.

Many experts in recent days are talking about improving the immunity of every person to fight against this virus. The simple and effective solution for building immunity is with Homeopathy i.e. Homeopathic medicine when consumed, improves the immunity of the person even against coronavirus. Going by the same principle, Homeopathy has been highly successful against epidemics in the past like Spanish flu, plague, cholera, and most recently, swine flu.

In the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, one of the Homeopathic medicines, namely Camphora 30 C, can be consumed by children and adults alike in improving their immunity. This medicine acts as a remedy and also acts as a preventive measure against coronavirus. While boosting the immunity of the person, there are absolutely no side effects of homeopathic medicine.

I would like to tell you about 2 major instances where homeopathic medicine has been used recently on a large scale against coronavirus.

1) It has been distributed to more than 3 Lakh people in Pune city by Bajaj Auto company among Police forces, Bajaj employees, promoters, their families, and the general public as well. You can watch the interview by clicking here. They have said that nobody has reported any symptoms of the Coronavirus till date.

2) Gujarat state government has also distributed homeopathic medicines among 75 thousand people who were in quarantine and had contact with COVID-19 patients. You can watch the official briefing by Principal Secretary, Department of Health, Government of Gujarat by clicking here. Everyone who consumed the medicine tested negative for Coronavirus.