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How to consume the homeopathic immunity booster medicine?

Corona Virus/ COVID-19
By Dr Vijay Shah 18-May-2020

The immunity booster medicine given to you works as a preventive measure against COVID -19 and will have a seal and label of Mission To Cure Homeopathy clinic.

Please follow the following instructions before consuming the medicines:

  1. Before taking the medicines, please clean your mouth with plain water
  2. 5 pills of this preventive immunity booster medicine are to be consumed per person per day in one instance. Kindly continue this for a total of 5 days

Kindly read FAQs below to clear any further queries:

  • Can the medicine be taken by a patient having any other disease like blood pressure, diabetes, Tuberculosis (T.B.), and heart-related ailments?
    • Yes, the medicine can be consumed by anybody who has any co-morbidities like blood pressure, diabetes and heart-related ailments
  • If a patient is on an existing medication for any other ailments or disease, can he take this medicine?
    • Yes, the patient should take this medicine along with his/ her existing medication.
  • Can people of all age groups take this medicine?
    • Yes, everyone including kids from the age of 2 and above as well as senior citizens can take the medicine. There are no side effects of this medicine.
  • Can pregnant women take medicine? Should we give the medicine to a child below 2 years of age?
    • Yes, pregnant women can take medicine as well. However, children that are being breast-fed need not be given medicine.
  • Many sources are suggesting Camphor 1M as well as Camphor 30. Which one should I take?
    • For prevention and immunity-boosting, we suggest basic potency i.e. Camphor 30 C.
  • Are there any restrictions on food items like onion, garlic, and coffee during the course of taking Homeopathic medicine?
    • No, such restrictions are not necessary.
  • Is this medicine effective for COVID-19 positive patients as well?
    • This medicine is given only as a preventive or immunity booster medicine for COVID-19.

Recently, a webinar (click here to watch the short version on youtube or watch below) Dr. Vijay Shah was hosted by JITO wherein he answers many burning questions like:

  • How to consume Homeopathic medicines - demo shown in the video
  • How does Homeopathic medicine as suggested work well against Corona Virus?
  • How is this medicine prepared? - Are there any side effects of taking this medicine?
  • Which Homeopathic medicine should I take? Arsenicum Album or Camphora?
  • Can people of all ages take this medicine and boost immunity?
  • Cant this medicine be taken by pregnant women?
  • Can this medicine be taken by patients already taking other medications?
  • Does homeopathy cure a patient who is COVID-19 positive?
  • What are the other activities that one must do to boost immunity?

If you have any such related queries, kindly mail us and we will make an effort to update this blog on a regular basis.