Homeopathy: A mother's go to choice for Bronchitis!

By Dr Vijay Shah 20-Aug-2019

CASE IN POINT: Bronchitis, Eczema and chronic cold

11 Jan, 2017: The pleasant and mildly cold weather in Mumbai was something that everyone looked forward to at this time of the year. Unfortunately, Manvir Sata, a 2-year-old toddler had been facing frequent upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) and bronchitis from the past 4-5 months when he visited us.

Bronchitis along with tonsillitis in children can be very painful and stressing to see as a parent. It is characterized by severe cough and cold. “Along with frequent URTI and Bronchitis, Manvir was also suffering from Eczema at such a tender age when he consulted us at Mission To Cure clinic”, says Dr. Tejal Oza, senior assistant doctor at M2C clinic.

“I used to continuously worry about his cough and cold. I probably had given him close to 150 ml of antibiotics and umpteen doses of third generation anti histamines for his allergy and other issues,” says Himani Sata, mother of Manvir Sata.

Dr. Tejal further adds, “He had been undergoing (allopathic) treatment but without any relief. His parents were also anxious due to (his) severe coughing at night.”

Seeing her ordeal, a friend suggested her to visit Dr. Vijay Shah’s Mission To Cure clinic at Borivali, Mumbai.

“It has been close to 4-5 months (15 days up and down), my kid was not only treated for his (never ending) allergy/cold/cough but also for eczema, which everyone in the world thinks is a skin dryness issue but truly is an allergy disorder in kids. I did not know this earlier,” says Mrs. Sata.

Dr. Vijay Shah says, “All the diseases in the body be it acute or chronic, start with inflammation. In acute diseases, the inflammatory process comes to an end and the disease is cured. For eg. Diarrhoea and other viral diseases. When this inflammation doesn’t come to an end and continues for a longer period of time, it is termed as a chronic disease as the immune system of the body is not able to fight/control it effectively.

The immune system/ body’s resistance power to diseases reacts heavily to any irritant (eg. Food additives, food colours/chemicals, essence and flavours) and produces inflammation on the skin. Immunity is managed by white blood cells that act as soldiers of the body in the blood and they produce excess inflammation on the skin known as atopic skin or eczema. So, we explained her that this is the root cause of her child’s suffering,”

There is an immense difference in Manvir’s health and his mother, Mrs. Sata strongly recommends homeopathy and Mission To Cure clinic to one and all and is a proud member of the clinic.

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