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Dr. Vijay Shah

Dr. Vijay Shah
Dr. Vijay ShahM.D.


Dr. Vijay Shah M.D. (Homœopathy) is the Dean of Mission To Cure Clinic and Institute of Homœopathy based in Mumbai, India. With a vast professional experience encompassing 33 years, he has been curing patients of all ages suffering from various challenging diseases including many “so called Incurable” diseases with outstanding results. He ensures that the patients understand their diseases and the role played by Homœopathy in curing them. Mission To Cure believes in the application of modern medical science and technology supported by its research and development. He has delivered spectacular results which are shared and taught at national and international levels through different mediums including lectures, published papers and articles at different forums.

Some of his Highlights


He started his professional practice in 1986 in Mumbai. In 2007, Mission To Cure Institute was founded and the consulting chamber and clinical practice was moved to the current premises. He examines a large number of patients throughout the day and official work hours are from 8am to 5pm. He is assisted by a team of doctors and supporting staff. Dr. Vijay Shah has a loyal patient base across multiple cities of India as well as international locations


He has an all-round in depth knowledge of topics related to Homœopathy ranging from case taking, follow ups, understanding of cure process, approach to pediatric cases, incurable diseases, management of acute and emergencies along with science and philosophy of Homœopathy.

After many years of vast clinical experience based on practical and scientific Homœopathy, he started sharing his learnings on national and international level. He makes sure that diseases and cure process are seen from the perspective of modern molecular science along with the natural laws of Homœopathy. The application of modern medical science with strict adherence to basic principle of Hahnemann Homœopathy has given outstanding results in most chronic, incurable, emergency and acute diseases. Cure for cases in chronic Auto immune disorders & incurable diseases have opened new horizons for the benefit of society.


Lectures, papers, articles by Dr. Vijay Shah have been shared at different forums. It is his goal to make Homœopathy easy to understand for new-comers as well as existing practitioners. All his lectures, presentations and writings on case taking are authentic and sourced from the old but valuable book – The Materia Medica ( Homeopathic Pharmacopeia). He has been teaching and propagating the same at the Conference Hall Of Mission To Cure Institute, on alternate Thursdays in afternoons to all his associates and new budding Homœopaths in order to boost new generation Homœopaths with the same scientific thinking.


Since inception, Homœopathy is an ever advancing and growing branch of medicine in treatment and management of sickness and the sick. With increasing advancements in science and medicine, we understand more about the role played by contemporary medical science where Homœopathy is highly relevant and advanced. In other words, Homœopathy had already been present earlier being far more advanced than contemporary science – which we shall realize soon in the near future.


He graduated from the Bombay Homœopathic Medical College in 1983. Thereafter he joined the College’s In-house Hospital as Resident Medical Officer for a 6 month stint. In the latter half of 1984, he joined Bhatia General Hospital wherein, through many opportunities he learnt the critical clinical aspects of medicine. He was appointed in different departments like General Surgery, Orthopaedic, Paediatrics, General medicine, Emergency of ICU and IPCU, Psychiatric and Anti – Addiction department. Later on, he joined many renowned Homœopaths where he gained further insights and a first-hand experience into the practices prevalent in Homœopathy.